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Faaya Content Suite

With Faaya content suite, leverage AI to create product shots, lifestyle photoshoots and simple videos. You can further change the mood and background of the content to reflect the theme of your occasion with simple text or image prompts.

AI Generated Photoshoot Gallery

Digital Photoshoot

Get HD phtoshoot of your garments with Gen AI

Create your own AI models & change backgrounds & set parameters to ensure virtual photoshoot meets the platform and brand guidelines.

No need to call for expensive photographers and models. With Faaya', you can create digital replica of your apparel that can be used in countless ways and in any scene that you can imagine. 

Social Media Content

Our content generation platform is all you need to take care of your social media content

social media content generation using Faaya AI

With our AI based content generation platform you can create scroll stopping content at lighting speed 

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