• Clothes that fit you better!

    Making clothes takes a little effort. To make it easier for you we are working on a new platform. We will be back soon.


    Meanwhile to share your designs click below.... 

  • Custom-Clothing for a Custom Wardrobe
    We get you whatever you want. Your wish. Our command!

    For long enough have the brands commanded what you wear; its time to personalise your shopping; get clothes that are a part of your personality; click, create and customise all from the comfort of your home!

    Better Fit | Hand-Made

    Every order placed is manufactured specially for you with utmost care to fit according to your measurements. There are no S, M, L or XL anymore! The only size is "U"!

    Custom Design

    Pick your own fabrics, change designs, cutomise elements, mix patterns and create unique outfits. Be your own designer or get inspiration from other shoppers

    Add your personality

    Create your own embroidery patterns, get custom monograms, upload your own prints. Speak the language of fashion and we will help you speak the statement you have always wanted to. 
  • How do I order?

    Its damn easy!

    Even if you get stuck somewhere; we have some videos to help you; a dedicated helpline to get you to measure yourself and the fit fighters are always on the go in the silent lanes of the city to ensure your wardrobe is safe!
  • But my local tailor is never able to give me the perfect fit! What makes you think you can?

    Well we won't promise that we will beat down your local tailor; we promise to ensure you get the best fit! Alterations will be fun too; in the rarest case you need them! The only time you will have to move out of the house is when you want to flaunt your outfit! Here is how we ensure that:

    The Faaya Fit Fighters

    We have a series of videos and a helpline number to help you take measurements; but if you wish more personalised attention and need an expert at your disposal; call for the Faaya Fit Fighters. They have been trained in the special martial art to make you dress to kill! Book an appointment and relax! They shall fight for the right fit! 

    The Open Fit Lab

    In the rare of the rarest cases; you might need alterations. I know you would hate us then; how about you get to meet other people that hate us too on the weekend and bitch about us? We will ensure you have some fun while we work to get the garment fit you like magic! You can get drunk and make more orders!

    The Phackage!

    Isn't it stupid of us to expect someone to have the measuring tape and to order without touching the fabric? How do you know what it feels? I think you will not have to bother much if you order the Phackage (Read Fackage). Pre-order upto 10 fabric swatches and a measuring tape! Oh did I forget to mention you get a discount on your first order!
  • Weaving your Dreams

    See how Faaya makes dressing up fun! Your personal dress-maker!
    It is as simple as walking into a tailor store and getting that exact piece made that you have wanted for the special occassion. You do not have to be designer to create outfits that you would love wearing everyday. Click, create and customise; Sit back and relax...The hand-made outfit shall be at your door-step soon.

  • Tell us what you think?

     Well only you can tell us if this makes sense; Tell us your concerns and tell us if this excites you! And it does not have to be about us; we would love to hear about your awesome life and if we can make it better! 
    PS: Last night I almost killed the guy who spammed you!

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    We want to be a part of your world! Help us be more aware of you! We care! Pinky Promise!

  • You can make us more Awesome

    If you think your skills can help us to fight this war for fitting clothes and democracy of fashion; then write to us! Be funny; quirky ; hungry ; crazy; passionate!
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    PS: Team gets free clothes and food!