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Faaya Visualization Suite

Give form to your garments with our AI-powered Faaya Visualization Suite. Opt for hyper real avatars, virtual photoshoots and cataloguing to boost your business. Want to know more? Let's connect!

Use realistic avatars to visualize apparels using AI fashion technology

Hyper Real Avatars

Get Hyper real avatars so that customers see a real human wearing your product.

Save on the cost of hiring a photographer and models; switch to hyper real avatars for your photoshoots. Choose models from a library of avatars and pick those which match the your attire style and brand language.

Virtual Try-on

Get a 3D realisitc view of the garment

Virtual Trial room helps your customers visualize garments on their 3d digital avatars. This helps them in getting a fair of view of how the garment will look on them and hence helps you in reducing your return rate and logistical costs

Digital Showroom

Give the experience a lifelike simulation of your physical showroom

DALL·E 2023-12-16 10.26.21 - Create an image of a fashion runway stage that is lively and

With digital showroom, your customers will be able to interact with your garments and wear them on their virtual avatars. Make your business run 24/7 in a cost effective and sustainable manner. Get all your inventory digitised with options to create limitless customisations for all designs

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