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About Faaya

Our Story

We are a bunch of like minded friends with expertise in different domains and we love long conversations on diverse topics ranging from abstract imaginations to real world issues. While the topics of conversation change often, the idea of what tech can do to fashion designing is what got stuck in our mind. As the conversations evolved we had a lot of ideas in our mind on how the fashion industry needs a revolution around virtual apparel designing, try-ons and recommendations to overcome issues of high return rate, bad fit, apparel looking good on the model but not on the actual customer etc..

While shopping in the offline world has it's own charm of experience driven purchase, it leaves the buyer with an exhausting experience, at times where one has to compromise on choices due to limited purchase options and fatigue of physical trials. Unfortunately, the grass isn't green on the otherside as well. Online buying brings it's own set of benefits with the burden of not getting the right fit and doubts about whether the product will look good on the actual buyer. This is where Faaya comes in.

But wait, before we could help the end buyer we discovered that the process designing clothes isn't that easy, it needs a lot of effort to design a perfect garment. The present set of tools have not evolved to the stage where we can say that apparel designing is a cake walk. Now that's where we have started our journey from, we are going to democratize fashion by making fashion designing easy, fast and accessible to all. Once we are able to make digital garment designing easy the first problem will be solved automatically!!

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